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Saturday, May 24, 2008 12:33 PM - top ten
hi guys,
havent been here
u know busy busy
no habit of blogging
i will try ok give me some time

Now i am top ten
very happy
its been a dream in taiwan
all the hardwork seems worthy now

well had a few nice friends here
from taiwan and LA
i love jennifer
she is like the cutest most adorable gal i've met
she is real ABC
Adorably Born Chinese

Another cute guy name Born
he is so cool i wanna be just like him
but i think i am cool too
so... hahaha...

try seeing the episode when he was eliminated
i was right behind him
and for the first time i think his back is cooler than "DU SHEN"
the god of gambler

oh ya He Wei Jian is in taipei too
doin his dance practice and MV shooting
cool stuff
he stay in Xi Men Ding where my favorite food
A Zhong Mian Xian located

oh ya meet up with kelly poon too
u know pan jia li
she is getting prettier
nice having small PSS1 gathering in "dong cha"

nx time i will put a video me and jian made
let u guys see him
he is my buddy
going to come out with his first album end of this year
go buy go buy
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Sunday, April 13, 2008 10:24 AM - First day in taipei

This is my first day in taipei, and guess who is the "yuan zhu min" looking guy beside me?

He is from Malaysia, he is from Muar "ma bo", he is the hero that make oversea chinese proud, his name is Ming Zhi. I like what he did in YouTube.

Go check him out!!!

you can find him by typing namewee in you tube. he made me feel a little like home when i first reach taipei because the language we comunicate in. hehehe... he help me a lot too.

so this is a tribute to him. Thanks and keep doin your music cuz it rock. Here is a couple of video to start it of.
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Friday, April 11, 2008 9:41 PM - First Post - letter to sugie's lover
Hi everyone, finally be able to log into this blog.
firstly biggest love to the creator of this blog MR Derrick Ho Wai Kin and Miss Ruth Chua Shi Ni without them there would not be this blog so yup. mmmmmuack...

ps : He wei jian's new album 20 pieces from me as promise.

For those who have been here and thinking when the hell sugie's gonna write something in his own blog, well here i am.

thank you all so much for your LOVE and SUPPORT.

Sugie love to be love. hehehehe....(leo u know..)

well later part when i have more time i will update more about my life especially my life now in taiwan. one of the highlight of my life. hehehehe...

Currently i am top 14 in million star (XGDD - xing guang da dao), nx epi would be me singing fast song and also me duet with XGDD 2nd batch's senior wu zhong ming.
If i can get through these two epi i am top 12 most prob unless organizer last minutes pull out some stunt.

I wont reveal the song i am gonna sing to keep the suspence hehehehe...
so make sure u guys catch me there.

oh ya and about me crying over shuang qi dong wu, dont worry bout me i am fine already cuz it was like recorded two weeks ago. I have gotten a lot of love from ZPGY, friends and familly.

keep loving me.

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